Edge: Duke Nukem Forever Review

Edge writes "So, what does 14 years of development do for a game?"

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artsaber2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I know this is Edge reviewing, but this is bad. TBF, I have seen other sites score this game in this range. Perhaps die hard Duke Nukem fans won't care either way.


Nah, I have seen plenty of mediocre scores (4~6 out of 10, but mostly 6s), but this plenty bad score is the first I see.

Kind of harsh even for EDGE, from what I have seen of the game it's not a great game in anyway, maybe not even good, but it isn't so bad and definetely have appeal to old fans.

Pintheshadows2738d ago

Ahhhh, Edge. King of the reviews. From what i've heard this game isn't broken, just old fashioned. Why would you expect otherwise. I highly doubt this is as bad as turning point.