Nintendo Just Osborned Itself

Announcing a new product before it is actually available can be a great tool to build anticipation. Done in the wrong way, you may shoot yourself in the foot and kill your company. Luckily enough, Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U isn’t strong enough to have such an impact.

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wkern2716d ago

I am just surprised how much criticism is coming from the press. Was that the same with the Wii? Maybe we all will eb surprised.

Kos-Mos2715d ago

Kill your company? What kind of journalist thinks Nintendo will kill themselves even if they don`t sell one Wii U?
Give this fool no hits.

wkern2715d ago

Well, what if they don't sell any Wiis anymore. I have my doubts, but you should read the article to understand it.

bluegoblin2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

yeah cuz im sure all the casual gamers out there like soccer moms where very nervously awaiting for E3 to happen so they can make their decision on their future gaming console!!

wii is going to keep on selling, maybe not as much as the 1st few years but it will keep selling. and guess what the wii U is going to sell too. Heck ill buy it just to play a zelda in HD haha