Wii U Graphics: Crysis or Crisis?

VGW: The latest news from Crytek calls to mind images of Crysis 2 running flawlessly on the Wii U, visuals dripping with detail and lifelike lighting effects. But before we start dreaming about the future, it’s important to stay grounded in reality.

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Fishy Fingers2687d ago

Ah you should of told Crytek before they put all that effort in. Silly developers, should just ask forum users who dont even know the internal specs.

EvilDonkey2687d ago

The crisis is that Crysis 2 is not even close to being as pretty as the first.

Sure the Wii U will be able to run it as it is yet another poor FPS with primitive graphics.

THWIP712687d ago

...equals MAXIMUM FAILURE. :o

kramun2687d ago

If the Wii U is more powerful than the ps3 and 360, which at the very least it will be, then why not? I can't see it being a problem really.

While I am disappointed in Nintendos e3 showing it's obvious they weren't ready to reveal all, so all we can do really is wait until they are ready to tell us what exactly the new console is really capable of. I still have high hopes though.

cyhm31122687d ago

The Wii U will have a more powerful CPU than ps360,but a weaker GPU. The graphics will be worst.

Fishy Fingers2687d ago

According too? You? Rumours all point to a ATI R770 or 4xxx series GPU, even the most basic of which is capable of more than either the PS3 or 360s GPU.

cyhm31122687d ago

think about this,if the GPU is really that powerful,they will disclose this in E3 as a selling point already. And the machine is too small to be that powerful

Fishy Fingers2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

To small? LOL. Do you even know how small they could produce 4xxx series cards? Tiny, and they wouldnt even require a fan for cooling due to the die sizes. Nintendo have also never really bragged about visuals and clearly they're approach has/is working.

You clearly have little knowledge of hardware.

Otheros002687d ago

Never? I beg the differ. Remember nintendo 64? They were claiming it's more powerful than the psone, which it is.

Otheros002687d ago

They were also bragging about the power of the ds and 3ds in interviews.

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bozebo2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

The Wii U will certainly have graphics which are far superior to the ps3 or 360 (and by far superior, I mean that the chip will be about 5 or 6 times more powerful and it will have 2 to 4 times as much video memory).

The cpu will probably be a bit more powerful than the 360's and a bit less powerful than the ps3's.

Infact, the Wii U will probably be about as powerful as a £400 PC, why is this? Because the graphics chip will probably be a high-end or custom variation of the R770, probably 55nm fab but maby even smaller. So, using a last-gen PC chip's tech it can be made more efficiently and cheaply (like the 360's new single-chip models, they are using old tech but making it today cheaply with a revised design) - that is why slim versions of consoles come out towards the end of their lifecycle.

This is all easy to predict for anybody who is into hardware and I would not doubt for a second that Crytek have the engine running with ease and looking good.

As for launch price, they will have to keep it cheap. Probably ~£250, $300 ish.

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