Ninja Gaiden 3 - New gameplay video with boss battle

A new gameplay video for Ninja Gaiden 3 where you can see how brutal the game is and a boss battle too.

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ramon_v2739d ago

While there is still plenty of blood spurting about... anyone else notice enemy's limbs aren't getting hacked off like they were in previous games?

You used to be able to do that, or decap, or even slice enemies in half sometimes.

I wonder why they dialed it down a notch.
Lack of Itagaki influence??

Lord_Sloth2738d ago

Itagaki's a sadist and is no longer involved so their gore obsessed ways are dieing down at least a little bit.

ZombieAssassin2738d ago

That's the one thing I liked about Itagaki, he knew how to satisfy our primal sides.

jetlian2737d ago

the sigma engine. the ng2 on 360 used a modded xbox engine. Thats the only one with all the limbs flying around

Schism202739d ago

Looks pretty sweet I love hack n slash games. Most likely will get this game no matter what as long as its fun thats all I care about.

captain-obvious2738d ago ShowReplies(1)
maskren2733d ago

I'm unimpressed. Shame Itagaki left, if he was behind it he would have at least brought something new to the table.