Will You Pay AT&T For PlayStation Vita

PCN:"Sony’s press conference was one of the best conferences I have attended. There were plenty of exciting announcements and they took great care of everyone attending. Then came the PlayStation Vita and everything was stepped up even further. People were cheering and clapping during every announcement, getting all the more excited. That is until Sony announced how 3G will be handled."

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Joni-Ice2564d ago

It depends. If its like $15 or $20 a month for data and no contract then yes. But if I have to get a year or two contract and its more money then they can kiss my ass.

DarkTower8052563d ago

My Optimus V from Virgin Mobile can be used as a wifi hotspot, couple this with a $25 per month plan that includes unlimited data @ 3G and it's a win. $249 PSV here I come.

Anarki2563d ago

If we're already paying for internet time on our phones, can we not just use that on our vita's? The thing is, the 3g one is kind of pointless if you have a mobilephone with internet tethering. Just boot it up and set it as a hotspot.

Pixel_Enemy2563d ago

My HTC EVO can wireless tether to devices to share it's Internet. I will get a wifi version and just connect it to my phones Internet for free.

metsgaming2564d ago

no i will go with Wifi. Some who want internet on the go should get that mifi thing with a different carrier if you dont like at&t and you will save $50.

Kleptic2563d ago

At&t's US 3G coverage is absolutely awful anywhere outside of a major city...When it works it is pretty fast, which is nice (i've used my phone as a modem and had better download speeds than a lot of DSL connections I compared it to)...but I lose coverage in my house all the time, and I live in a pretty decent sized town...

but what is probably more important to everyone is whether they will incorporate the Vita into your current plan...without having to have a separate data plan for the device...which I highly doubt...which will make it least 3G wise...

if there is one industry that has figured out how to rip you off better than the video game industry...its cell phone carriers...I'll be surprised if the Vita doesn't come loaded with all that 'mediahome' AT&T bull shit they lock into all the crap they sell...even if they are not selling it, they'll manage to do it...

bebojet2563d ago

HELL NO! And when AT&T buys T-Mobile I'm switching to Verizon. I want the model with the WiFi only.

SaiyanFury2563d ago

I'm not paying for any data plan. I don't even pay for a contract for a smart phone, I refuse to shell out that much money for something, I'd barely use. My Tracfone costs me 20 dollars every 3 months, and I still think I'm paying too much. I very much plan on getting a PSV, but there's no way in hell I'm paying for a data plan for it. It's the 250 dollar Wi-Fi version for me.

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LOGICWINS2564d ago bills already insane WITHOUT the 3G.

MinusTheBear2564d ago

I will just use my Verizon phone as a 3g wi-fi hub with the 250 PSV.

JsonHenry2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

Same here. Except I will be using my Droid 2 wifi hotspot with the wifi only option.

spektical2563d ago

dont you have to pay to use wi-fi hub??

khamvongsa092563d ago

You can always root your phone and download a free tethering app...

spektical2563d ago

^^ i didnt know that. when you just hotspot, a pop up says you will be charged regardless of data plan... but i guess i'll do that haha.

NYC_Gamer2564d ago

nope,because i am with sprint.

TheBeast2564d ago have a thing called options, you can't just go with AT&

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