E3 2011: 'SSX' Hands-On Preview [Game Rant]

Andrew Dyce of Game Rant writes: "Fans of past ‘SSX’ games may not be lucky enough to get their hands on the upcoming reboot before launch, but we’ve brought our first impressions of actual gameplay all the way from E3 2011.

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kza2741d ago

Cant wait 4 this, i used to spend hours on the ps2 playing SSX. Im sure this will be as good if not even better!

mastiffchild2741d ago

To this day when we take the family camping or go to festivals(Benicassim/Glasto etc)we always take a TV, a PS2 and SSX Tricky(among others, natch, but SSX is always an ice breaker with newcomers and a fave among gamers we already know too)along with us as a game everyone just loves whether they're amazing gamers or never pick up a pad.

My worry is that EA heard the BIG complaints that this was just going to be COD to look at and Skate, twin stick controlled on snow and little more and had contempt for the old controls which, imho, needed NO pestering and have stuck the button controls in as an afterthought and they aren't the natural or best scheme in game when they REALLY should be if the game's to keep it's SSX feel. I've got to see some reviews by those who don't(like myself) enjoy the Skate series much(and didn't think the controls in it were out of place for skating but snowboarding is different with momentum already sorted out entirely)but LOVED SSX3 and SSX Tricky-a few of those hands on and I might start having a tiny bit of faith this isn't going to be a totally different type of game and having two control options could either be a great sign or a messy compromise the devs never wanted to make.