EA: early Battlefield 3 buyers will gain no advantage

EA has denied claims that gamers who pre-order Battlefield 3 will gain an advantage in play over those who don't.

Some fans began calling for an international boycott after reports surfaced that buyers who pre-order the game will gain unfair advantage thanks to the exclusive Battlefield 3 weaponry they will receive as an early -purchase incentive.

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DavidMacDougall2660d ago

Don't them guns shoot bullets? No wait them guns are now underpowered and i shouldn't buy them ...? Thank you EA

SixZeroFour2660d ago

"If you went to our press conference, you saw the PS3 footage and the Xbox footage"

wait, WHAT?!

iamnsuperman2660d ago

I think they mean the behind the scenes stuff and not the main conference.

SixZeroFour2660d ago

yea i know...the key word was "press" but how come none of them were saying anything about how the console versions looked?

HeavenlySnipes2660d ago

are available in game afterwards to everyone. Also, is the back to karkland thing a preorder bonus? If so, why not just include it with the game?

Ducky2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

The BackToKarkand expansion is something they're working on, but isn't likely to be finished by BF3's launch, so it will be released later.

It is an expansion and thus, must be bought, just like BC2 Vietnam. EA decided to give the expansion for free to pre-orders, which is quite a nice deal.

As for this announcement, it seems EA doesn't realize that having a varied arsenal IS an advantage.

DiffusionE2660d ago

How is a flash-suppressor not "overpowered"? It'll be a huge advantage, especially in night maps. If you don't want to give out overpowered stuff then give them camos or something, not guns and special-ammo with unique stats.