Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be more "player-driven," says director

El33tonline writes:

"Final Fantasy XIII upheld the series’ high standards in the graphical department, but there was little in the way of player choice outside of battle. There were no sprawling, non-player character-filled towns to explore and few side-quests to complete. In short, the game was a linear, lifeless affair to many long-time Final Fantasy fans.

The bigwigs behind FFXIII are hoping to right these wrongs in the upcoming sequel for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In a video interview conducted during E3 2011 by GameTrailers, director Motomu Toriyama and veteran producer Yoshinori Kitase talk about the multiple changes they have wrought upon the sequel."

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godslayer4292710d ago

it will also probably suck like the first one.

Jack-Dangerously2710d ago

Ugh I hope not. Even though I got burned on the last one I've still got my hopes up.

Too many short games for $60 bucks nowadays. Would like something worth the money.

user8586212710d ago

I had 2 major problems

Nothing to do besides the main story until like chapter 11, they seem to be fixing this with side quest etc

Story and characters!! ohh god it sucked so much, as long as there is NO! vanille and hope I'm happy!

WhiteLightning2710d ago

Yeah all this talk is just to reasure fans, and some people are actuslly going to buy into this.

They'll just get disappointed again

Hicken2710d ago

I had no serious problems with XIII. It was different for the FF franchise. And hasn't each FF already been considerably different from the one before it? Complacency is the real reason behind most people's complaints: they were simply too used to what they always got in FF; something different just wasn't something they could wrap their heads around.

That aside, I look forward to XII-2. I enjoyed the story in XIII, and I hope to see it continued.

Peaceful_Jelly2710d ago

dude, think again and fix your mess. You're contradicting yourself.

Jack-Dangerously2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Dude, you are being rude. That was silly and uncalled for.

Hicken2710d ago


Yes, the FFs DO change some things in each game. But there are also dozens of things that carry over from title to tile, be they related or not.

XIII lacked those, and it felt the wrath of fans because of it.

Next time, try using your brain a bit before you respond.

Eamon2710d ago

It felt the wrath simply because it was shit.

Lord_Sloth2710d ago

Couldn't be any LESS player driven.

Hope this is good.

BigDollarZoe9542710d ago

cant wait need some RPG's in my gaming life lol the Haters wont change my decision love the 1st one and cant wait for the next