Todd Howard(Skyrim) and Notch(Minecraft) interview each other

Notch And Todd Howard: The One-On-One Interview

A month ago I started thinking about video opportunities that would be available at E3 2011. When considering what I would most like to see, the far-fetched idea of Minecraft's creator (Notch) sitting down and interviewing Bethesda's game director (Todd Howard) immediately sprang to mind. In a dark meeting room inside Bethesda's booth on the show floor, with the bass from the nearby Prey 2 demo bleeding through the walls, I set the cameras up and let the conversation flow. From Notch's love of Oblivion to Todd Howard's opinion on the greatest game ending of all time, watch the video to see these two gaming luminaries pick each others minds on the potential within their own games as well as the wider gaming landscape.

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Semir2741d ago

I really enjoyed the video.

Mcardle2741d ago

Notch- "Microsoft wants Kinect on everything"
Todd "Yeah..... I know...."