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Trophies and Achievements

An opinion piece about the importance of Trophies and Achievements. (PS3, Xbox 360)

Kran  +   1437d ago
"I do not think they have. Games are entertainment media. They are made to entertain people, and each one plays the way they understand. If a particular player likes to engage in hunting trophies, and passes the time well to do it, why there is being criticized?"

Completely agree.

Its like in older games and games without achievements. Most gamers want[ed] to try and 100% stats in games. So if people want to try and get 100% achievements/trophies, why not?
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Focker420  +   1437d ago
I just got 100% on InFamous 2 not more than 10 minutes ago lol. Trophies aren't necessary but they do give you little extra things to accomplish while you're playing the game.

Why anyone would be against them is beyond me, its not detrimental in anyway. They're just for entertainment.
Blazee  +   1437d ago
Nice article, great vision point. I've the same opinion about this subject.
DigitalRaptor  +   1437d ago
Both systems are great which add a layer to the game and increases replayability. Commendation to Microsoft for introducing the system on consoles! :)

Trophies are a better system though, hands down. One of the main reasons is that desirable Platinum Trophy. It also gives you an indication of how many Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies each player has earned, based on their skill.

So a player with 3 Platinums, 10 Gold, 40 Silver and 40 Bronze is a more skilled/dedicated player than someone with 0 Plat, 0 Gold, 20 Silver and 200 Bronze, even though technically they have more trophies in their collection.

It also has this cool RPG-like level up system!

Achievements only indicate points you achieve in-game and adds to a number, that keeps growing. That's it!

The only perk Achievements have over Trophies is that EVERY SINGLE Xbox 360 game has them. Not all PS3 games have had trophies. Still waiting for that MGS4 patch! :p
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LusoGamer  +   1437d ago
Well, nowadays, every game that is launched on PlayStation 3 must have a trophy set! :b
Fishy Fingers  +   1437d ago
They're great if you like them and the help extend your playtime with a certain game.

Personally not my thing, I prefer old school 'Highscores', that showed 'skill', these just show how open I'am to grinding away at doing something within the game I usually wouldnt bother.
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LusoGamer  +   1437d ago
Basically, that's it. Trophies and Ahievments helps extending a certain playtime, so it's good!
NoobJobz  +   1437d ago
Microsoft and Sony would be idiotic to leave these out in the next gen. Also, if they don't carry over, that's a bummer.

Because of achievements I have played well over 300 Xbox 360 games, whereas they not had any, I may have played 50. Maybe.
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Focker420  +   1437d ago
Thats one thing I don't really get though. Why would you play a game you otherwise wouldn't have if it were just to boost your gamerscore?? Whats the point??
NoobJobz  +   1437d ago
To get gamerscore? I blame Old Spice. I never cared about gamerscore for about the first year I had a xbox. In fact, I didn't even notice it. Then Old Spice ran a gamerscore competition an if you increased your gamerscore by a certain number of points you got prizes. I think you had to get 4000 in a month or something like that. I played kids games, which I had never done before and I've been hooked since. Damn you Old Spice!!!!!

I can honestly say if they didn't have that competition I would have never cared.
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NoobJobz  +   1437d ago
From a different perspective, playing games I wouldnt normally play, has also led me to play some great games that I wouldnt have other wise played. I have found some gems among all the games I play.
Kran  +   1437d ago
oh how much I cheered that trophies were going to be on the PS Vita ;D
beast242tru  +   1437d ago
acheivements and trophies are really great i must say the trophies make you work alot harder though you would be stucked on one level until you go hard on ur games and go for those big fishes with the acheivement ur number keeps rising and make you look good but both are really nice
MysticStrummer  +   1437d ago
Both are stupid. They give the illusion that we're getting more content than we used to when the reality is we're getting less.

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