Modern Warfare 3's Spec Ops Survival Mode First Impressions [Game Revolution]

"Spec Ops Survival is similar to Treyarch’s Zombie mode: you strive to earn cash to buy upgrades, weapons, and perks in order to assist in surviving against continuous waves of hostiles. The new mode is its own game type in MW3 and separate from the regular Spec Ops. It’s satisfying to see that the focus is to add more to this anticipated title rather than taking anything away." Kuulei Naipo,

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dbjj120882744d ago

Seems like there is a war... and it's between MW3 and BF3....

TheDarkness2744d ago

There is no war. Mw3 is call of duty 4, so BF3 is in another level.

Mr Patriot2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

yes yes yes yes oh and fuck cod

jon12342744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

spec ops is the only good thing out of call of duty and thats it.

TheDarkness2744d ago


Mw2=spec ops.
black ops= zombie.
Mw3=spec ops
black ops 2=zombie.. rinse and repeat

Simco8762744d ago

The difference is, Spec Ops is actually fun.

And while the Zombie mode is a blast also, it has no end. I rather be able to beat Spec Ops, then either play multi-player or move on to the next game.

TheDarkness2744d ago

Ill rather not buy the game.

kingjoker342744d ago

the end is when you die. The reason why zombies is a big hit is because oft the suspense of how far will you go? do you have enough ammo to survive the killing of the next 500 zombies or risk running across map to get another gun? that is what makes it so fun and addicting.

Koolaye2744d ago

Yea, I agree with you. Having an end to look forward to influences you to play or complete the game. It's the satisfaction of it, whereas playing against endless rounds of enemies (like in Zombies, and now for MW3's Spec Ops Survival), there is nothing to strive for other than trying to survive as long as you can. But you know very well that your death is inevitable, so what is the point of playing? (rhetorical question here)

HeavenlySnipes2744d ago

maybe because Treyarch and InFinity Ward don't want to copy each other?

stormeagle62744d ago

Sounds pretty much like a Hero Defense map in WC3 or SC2 but in first person.

solidworm2744d ago

looks boring as hell and old as fcuk