[GAMINGtruth]E3 2011: Aliens: Colonial Marines is the “Official Sequel to Aliens.”

After nearly six years of development time Aliens: Colonial Marines is almost out and GAMINGtruth got to sit in a live demonstration during E3 2011.

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malamdra2742d ago

yeah, sure, whatever you say

I guess that movie that starts with two of the characters of Aliens getting killed in a crash and the other one on a prison planet doesn't count


Hope they fix up the animations and the lip syncing and I hope the aliens grappling with the player isnt scripted and I hope the door being buckled by the force of an alien isnt scripted either.

RevXM2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Im with you.

Also in the trailer they went back to LV ( 426? With some number atleast...) though that would be impossible?

Ripley was like "FUUUUUU BITCH Imma blowin up UR planetz!"

Edit: Ok so I was told that they blew the colony and not the entire planet so maybe its possible that they went back there.


They blew up the reactor which supposedly was the size of a nuclear blast (going into nerd mode on you here haha)

whos to say what size of a nuclear blast that would be? and the colony if I remember it correctly was absolutely huge so we dont really know the size of the colony or they may pull a JP on us and say this is another branch of the colony