Blacklight: Retribution Preview | CheatCC

CheatCC says - The free-to-play game model has been something MMORPG game studios have been taking quite seriously lately. Blacklight: Retribution, the sequel to Blacklight: Tango Down, is looking to apply this F2P model to the first-person shooter genre. I got to spend a little time chatting with the folks at Perfect World about it, as well as getting a brief play session with the game.

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zeal0us2739d ago

"The End of Camping as We Know It?"
Um no camping exist in every fps so whats going to make this game any different?

Minus that ridiculous question this game looks amazing. Graphically I think it can give A.V.A (which also uses the unreal engine) a run for its money. Hopefully PWE can fight hackers better Ijji.