Wii U 'A Lot Friendlier' to Core Games, says Activision

IndustryGamers: Wii U already seems to be getting strong support from third parties, and while Activision Blizzard wasn't featured during the Nintendo press conference, it was confirmed that the publisher intends to support the new system. During our E3 meeting with Activision Publishing head Eric Hirshberg, we talked a bit more about why Activision is jazzed for Wii U. "I think Nintendo’s an incredible company and it looks like this is a platform that’s going to be even more relevant to the kinds of games we make," he said.

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raziel64302740d ago

that's very good to how about you put call of duty on this bad boy..Wii u is gonna do great,no matter what.and really,i,m just glad that i,m gonna play my Mario,and Zelda in all the other goodies.its good to have competition.iron sharpens iron.i hate when people bash game system.if you don't like a game then do buy it.its that simple.i play my Xbox,my ps3 and my Wii. sometime i get tired of shooting..other time i want something more Mario.and other times i want to play uncharted drake.all i,m saying is that,as long as your a gamer the just enjoy the ride. LIFE IS TOO SHORT...AND ALSO.... WHY SO SERIOUS....LOL.

L6RD7BLU32740d ago

Calling air strikes and stuff on the Wii U controller=AWESOME

NLGSean2740d ago

Activision brought Call of Duty to the Wii and DS so its almost a given that it will come to the Wii U...