TheGameHeadz: Ps Vita Hands On Impression

After having a party at Sony’s press conference and enjoying some free food, we took some time to play the newest handheld on the market, the PS Vita. Getting to know the new device was an enjoyable experience, the first thing we noticed is how much lighter the PS Vita is than the other version of the Playstation Portable. Though the PS Vita looked really nice, the reps were unclear if this was the final version of the system.

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Controversy2594d ago

Personally...I can't WAIT for the Vita :D

Spitfire_Riggz2594d ago

He said Little Big Planet 2... Not LBP Vita. Does that mean its the same LBP2 we play on our PS3s?

I_find_it_funny2594d ago

probably a mistake, LBP on Vita is a brand new LBP

vgcgames2594d ago

It's Worth the wait. Feels awesome

earbus2594d ago

Waiting for the slim 3000 vita.

karl2594d ago

omg.. the vita looks so damn sexy in that picture..

it makes me want to buy it.. if i only had the money =(

mttrackmaster382594d ago

I wanna get it but it's likely they'll just refresh it in a few years. I can wait.... hopefully.

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