End the Slander Against On-Rail Games. End it Now

Kotaku - When did on-rail games become bad? It seems as though nobody likes them anymore, despite being part of the core gaming universe over a decade ago. They co-existed with the FPS genre back then, why can't they co-exist now? All I ever hear is how crappy on-rail games are despite great games like House of the Dead, Rez, Time Crisis, and even Dead Space Extraction. Child of Eden [pictured above] is looking to be a great game in my opinion, yet because it's on-rails people assume this attitude and come in with a critical state of mind that the game will be low quality.

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gravemaker2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

i don't like onrail games. They are, mostly, just boring

OllieBoy2711d ago

Kotaku: Leave Kinect alone!

snipermk02711d ago

LOL. that made me laugh. Bubs up for u.

gaffyh2711d ago

Gamers: No, on rail sucks! Just because it is on Kinect, doesn't mean we should suddenly start loving on-rail games.

MinusTheBear2711d ago

Kotaku are so full of shit that they are actually defending Kinect.

koehler832710d ago

It's a Kotaku community article. So it's some reader defending Kinect. Kotaku just gives them a voice.

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earbus2711d ago

I like most of my train simulators on rails it doesnt seem to bother me,house of the dead was allways good time cop not so much.

Giru0172711d ago

Nothing against on-rail games when it was that way from the start (Rez, Child of Eden, Time Crisis, etc...), but when they take games and "Kinectify" them (Fable: Journey... really?), then there's an obvious problem.

Neckbear2711d ago

It's quite ironic to see criticism against on-rail games when most shooters nowadays follow a straight line either way, on-rails or not.

Solidestchimp2711d ago

ssssssshhhhhh stop using logic on n4g its frowned upon =/

despair2711d ago

I disagree, linear and on rails are very very different and I'll take the former any day.

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