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"During the last year or so, a new trend has appeared in the gaming industry: the Online Pass. Essentially, every new game comes with a code that you must redeem to unlock features inside the game itself, usually online components. What this means is that when you buy a used game, you cannot play online unless you buy a code for about 10$. Some gamers think that this is totally fine, while others think that publishers are just trying to get more money out of our pockets. I am from the latter type of gamers and I will explain you why I’m against it."

-Matt from That Gamer Hub

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Majors2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

I agree somewhat with the online pass system as it give the developer / publishers a share of the rip off used games market. Why should Game or similar sell a new game for £44 usually then buy it back a few weeks later for £15 only to relist it back for £38 and they can do that maybe 5,6,7 times per game sold.
The way i think this should work is - the pre owned game shop should be made to include the pass when selling such games while still making a sizable profit and the developers are getting a small percentage in return also.