Wii U Shield Pose Demo Brings Out Your Inner Pirate (Impressions) - RipTen

RipTen: Shield Pose is a rhythm game tech demo for the Wii U shown at E3 2011. This demo was single player and took advantage of the Wii U controller’s motion sensing capabilities as well as the ability to use the new controller’s screen to look at different areas within the game world.

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Nostradavis2738d ago

I wish I was a King Nintendo Fanboy. Maybe then Reggie would take my resume and wipe his nose with it. Just kidding :)

Batmau52738d ago

This device still confuses me, because I have a small brain

kewlrats2738d ago

It was a neat demo at the show, and used motion controls in a more "iPhone"-like way. I'd like to see this as more of a mini-game, though.