Bioware Responds To Star Wars MMO Criticism

Bioware has responded to some of the criticism aimed at their upcoming MMO.

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Saryk2742d ago

Game isn't even out yet and we hear BS like this. WoW clone? What it being a MMO made it a WoW clone, there were MMO before WoW!

Wenis2742d ago

People always have to find something to complain about

noxeven2742d ago

i really hate the term wow clone, wow is a theft of ideas from other mmos that came before it just dumbed down so its more accessible to a wider audience. I looking forward to tor ever so much I've already accept it wont ever be precu swg but honestly when people through wow clone out there all i hear is i tried other games and they werent easy like wow so i complain then when a game comes along that similar to wow i call it a wow clone cause its not different but wait i hate different things thats why other games failed im a hypocrite

Firebird3602742d ago

I wish this was on ps3 360, it looks awesome.

mrsatan2742d ago

The biggest problem I have with the game is it doesn't look fun at all. It contains the same old mechanics we are used to in MMOs. Bioware basically took the safe route for this game. I am much more excited for Guild Wars 2 which actually has innovation and tons of new ideas to push the genre forward.

FlashXIII2742d ago

Some of the combat footage looked like they took a lot of ideas from blizzard (I don't know if blizz stole them off someone else) however to call this a WoW clone with quite a lot still yet to know about the endgame is a little rash.

Regardless of what the morons are saying, everything we know about this game already easily makes it worth the retail price of a pc game and a few months subscription. I'd go as far to say it's probably the best money I will spend on a game this year.