Wii Sales Fall To 236,000 and 3DS Sales Down 50%

The Nintendo Wii sold 236,000 units in May, according to a report released by Wedbush Securities, this is a 20% fall when compared to last year. The Xbox 360 however has maintained the lead in the console market, selling 270,000 in the US in May..

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Just_The_Truth2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Everyone already has a DS so right now theres no reason to spend the extra money on the 3ds, 3d does nothing for actually gameplay unlike dual screens and that's were it fails. Along with the very short battery life, lack of games, high price, and the fact that the psvita is just around the corner and the same price people are probably going to wait till they can compare both side by side. March wasn't the best time to release new hardware either.

VampiricDragon2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

thats what people said about the ds. Remember the ds started like shit too even though it launched during a holiday.

Launching in march was wise only in the fact that it got them more sales until the holidays

And since the wii was second in the states and second in consoles in japan, with different things being first. The wii is still outselling both worldwide.

One sold during the holiday where spending is at its absolute best, the other sold after the holiday where selling is at the absolute worse. Guess which was which

Knushwood Butt2713d ago

DS took 4 weeks to sell a million in Japan.

3DS took 13 weeks to sell a million...........

Knushwood Butt2713d ago

'Enterbrain reported that Nintendo has sold 1 million units of 3DS in Jaapan since its launch in February. It took 3DS 13 weeks to reach one million, and the DS took only 4 weeks in comparison.'.

Read it and weep.

VampiricDragon2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

yes one launched during a holiday and the other didnt. Its as simple as that basically.

Enterbrain still believes the 3ds will be the highest selling system of the year in japan. Why? based off a strong holiday lineup which has dragon quest, pokemon, kid icarus, mario 3ds, and mario kart.

Its part of the plan

ChickeyCantor2712d ago

If 3DS does nothing new, then how will Vita even compete?

I'm just saying that your logic for throwing in Vita was kinda flawed.

TheEatingChampagne2713d ago

Knushwood and everyone that commented above me excluding VampireDragon, you are all retarded.
The 3DS doesn't sell now because IT DOESN'T HAVE NEW GAMES..
The freaking device launched 3 months ago with little to no games worth having. WAIT till new games come out and then you'll see who wins this generation again

Knushwood Butt2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Er, yeah. Were you hoping I would disagree? In fact, I agree.

However, all I did was post a quote from Magic Box. You seem to be rather butthurt.

The DS did just fine with dross like WarioWare Touched and a port of Mario 64 for months. People still lapped it up though. I should know: I had to make do with them for ages too.


As for winning this generation, it's way too early to pass judgment, but I think Nintendo are going to have a real fight on their hands.

stealth500k2713d ago

Actually the ds didnt do just fine. They were third in japan with no hope of first for 2 years.

The ds had a year game drought just like every system

Knushwood Butt2713d ago

@ stealth

By, 'just fine', I meant when compared with the 3DS.

kikizoo2713d ago

"who win"

talking like a shareholder and not a gamer, since for us, it's better when the best system and library win, and it's never the nintendo one, since snes.

LNDCalling2713d ago

People with dust covered Wii's have lost confidence!...

Wii-U IMO is a lose-lose for Nintendo, with current Wii owners confused and unsure about upgrading to Wii-U and non Wii owners wondering whether to wait for the Wii-U..

Tbh I do love DS (have three) but didn't go 3DS as I didn't see that much difference, to me it was just yet another incremental 'upgrade' DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS etc.. where does it end? Maybe I wasn't the only one to think that!

But you never know, maybe it will sell or maybe Vita will steal some DS market share.. the PSP didn't do / isn't doing as bad as people think.. in fact its doing great as a first PS handheld up against the behemoth that is Nintendo in the handheld arena!...

CaptainPunch2713d ago

The 3DS isn't that appealing, well to me at least.

NESpower2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

vita offers NOTHING for me.

StbI9902713d ago

Since you are a narrow minded nintendo boy, thought so...

Whoever doesn't seem the appeal in vita, is cus is in denial.

AWBrawler2713d ago

guess I'm in denial then. And don't waste time calling me a fanboy, I heard that bull already. I own Wii, PS3, and have an Onlive Subscription.
I just never saw the appeal in the way Sony did their portables.
I'm amazed fanboys admit that PSP Go was crap

eagle212713d ago

you all will eat your words, vita pre orders are falling fast!

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