Child of Eden - Eurogamer review

EG: "Child of Eden offers a memorable journey and a strong sense of development. But where Rez was concerned with the evolution of the player character, which transformed from amoebic blob to running man, the auteur's latest is about the evolution of the world around the player."

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Omar912740d ago

i know absolutely nothing of this game :(. seems good though

VINNIEPAZ2740d ago

I've played the first two levels with kinect so far and its a fun game. Like REZ and Flower, games of this nature are not for everyone so expect very different scores. I will say this game really impressed me with how fast the reticule keeps up with your hand movements. Set on fast its almost feels 1:1 When you go back to the dashboard you can see how slow the Kinect hand onscreen is. MS needs to make it as responsive as this game.

blackburn102740d ago

So far two 6s and a nine, looks like the gaming community will be divided on this one.

THWIP712740d ago

...and most are very positive. IGN gave it a 8.5

Who gave it "6s" ?

kingdoms2740d ago

Divided? Nah depends on who gave it a 6. I reckon so many people are upset over kinect's success media and blog fanboys will do their damage.

Venjense2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Eurogamer said theres some moves you can't do properly on Kinect but that work perfectly fine on the controller...

"Child of Eden is indisputably best played like Rez: with a controller."

The game is apparently good but it's a lot worse on Kinect which is what I feared/expected.

a08andan2740d ago

Hopefully it will be as good on the ps3 when it comes out in september :)

kingdoms2740d ago

Should be the same but with Wii controls.

MinusTheBear2740d ago

No, with Move controls which are much more accurate than either Wii or Kinect.

WhiteLightning2740d ago

and yet they give a game like inFAMOUS 2 an 8/10

I'm sorry but this dosen't look that good, I'm not going to say it's crap but I don't think it looks like a 9.

LocO_o2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

This again.

Why would you compare Child of Eden with Infamous - thats like comparing GTA with Flower.

Kinectanimal and Dance Central got 9 from alot of reviewers does that make them better than Heavy Rain or Fall Out Vegas -_-

Edit: My point was that reviews rate games based on the same genre or demographic that they are aimed at.

MinusTheBear2740d ago

I got Flower for 10$ and GTA4 for 60$. It makes sense to review the games differently. But Eden is a full-priced game with little replayability.

KILLERAPP2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Why the hell didn’t MS showcase this game at their E3 press conference?????

m232740d ago

I guess its probably because the game comes out so soon after e3, it wouldn't really make sense. They should have shown it at their conference last year though.