Epic’s Rein: PlayStation Vita “blew me away”

BeefJack: "Epic’s Mark Rein is “lusting” after a PSVita following E3 2011 – and cannot believe people are comparing it to the iPhone and other mobile devices. But are Epic going to make games for it?"

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M-Easy2475d ago

Maybe Shadow Complex in Vita?

Orange2475d ago

oh man, i've never played Gears of War. That's the one game on the 360 i've always wanted to play.

Zir02475d ago ShowReplies(6)
Cyorg2475d ago

It sounds like everyone really likes it. I've had one on pre-order for a few months now. I can't wait to get it.

Colmshan19902475d ago

Just PLEASE give me an Unreal Tournament?
It's still my favourite shooter.

maniac762475d ago

Lol'like mobile phones wont be as powerful next year'but they wont ever have the franchises,just cheap imitation games and cheap touch controls lol

madpuppy2474d ago

"people are comparing it to the iPhone and other mobile devices"

What complete IDIOT would make that comparison?? only a dyed in the wool casual gamer (or non gamer) would spout such nonsense.