New Halo Warthog R/C Headed to Retail

A new remote control Warthog based on that found in the Halo series is heading to retail stores, featuring Master Chief mounted in action.

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Vegivo2348d ago

we sell these at my store :P

Vegetom2348d ago

This r/c warthog is already in stores for years. should be blocked or hacked or something, it brings always old or stupid news.

mathsman2348d ago

"A NEW remote control Warthog..."

Vegetom2348d ago

The site is still crap. At least post a picture that's up to date when you come up with "news".

mathsman2348d ago

The image here isn't the image on the site - this is taken from a screenshot!

Vegetom2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Got it from amazon.

The picture electronictheatre shows is the warthog I got here for a year.

mathsman2348d ago

Thanks Vegeton, but you do realise that version of Amazon is an American site, and Electronic Theatre is a UK site, right?