Under Siege Is Available From PlayStation Store Now

Seed studios big game is now on sale on the PlayStation Store. Under Siege is an action and strategy game in real time, where a small group of heroes fight against a huge invading army. We developed Under Siege to be played with the DualShock 3 controller and it also supports PlayStation Move.

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FredEffinChopin2741d ago

Picked this up a few days ago, seems pretty solid so far. Definitely not worth the full price, but at half price it's definitely worth it. Supports in-game XMB custom soundtracks too.

GrieverSoul2741d ago

I like the game so far.
They nailed the RTS control feel with the DualShock 3. Quite a feat if you ask me. Im sure its a gameplay mechanic that will be copied by other titles in the future.

TheDivine2741d ago

Decent game, good controls, good graphics, good art. Not worth 20 but def 10 if u like rts. I think its way too difficult to enjoy myself. I was having a great time until an hour in the difficulty ramped up too fast. Kinda regret the purchase now.