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E3 2011 was an embarrassment. And Apple's laughing loudest.

"The graveyard of any industry is filled with the headstones of companies who decided to keep doing things the same old way; playing only on the margin, making things just a little bit better. That strategy works for a while - but ultimately it's fatal." (E3, PS3, Tag Invalid, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

8bit_Nes_Rambo  +   1539d ago
Sony fans,360 fans, Nintendo fans. I think we can all agree that Apple schills are the worst out there.
RSEagle  +   1539d ago
Agree x10
thewhoopimen  +   1539d ago
I hardly seeing them (Apple fanboys) shill on here... what are you guys talking about?

The article speaks truth. Beyond certain game titles and exclusives, there weren't anything to say "wow!" about.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1539d ago
Like if Apple had ever showed something to wow gamers.

Apple talks too much for company who make overpriced and over-marketed electronics that are limited as hell.
thewhoopimen  +   1539d ago
@Bishop-br: I don't exactly recall seeing an Apple keynote at E3?

Let me ask you this... if Apple's iPad products are so overpriced, why is it no one on the market, Xoom, Playbook, Touchpad, Slate, and everyone else unable to undercut Apple's pricing? Shouldn't be easy? After all, Apple copies everyone, has no ounce of innovation, and its all just marketing.

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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1539d ago
Exactly, they don't participate on E3. They don't participate on the gaming industry. So what would they be laughing at? They know nothing about it.

And don't give me the "oh but iPhone games" crap. It's mobile games. No more, no less. Unless you want to call Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and every cellphone maker out there part of the gaming industry.

I'll play the dumb and answer your question with another question. Was iPod the first MP3 player? Or you thing that having a dial interface and a square clean design is "da inovationz"?

Was iPhone the first smartphone? The first portable touchscreen? Yeah, I don't think so either...

And iPad also wasn't the first tablet either, although this time I give it to them, they are between the first ones and risked a bit more, instead of just releasing what is already proved ground.

And that's what Apple do. They take stuff that everyone already have and redesign it to look cool, market it so it becomes the pop thing on the moment and only losers don't have it, them offer you to buy another of the same for twice as much as you paid on the one you already have.

But the worst joke Apple have is their Macintosh line. Once Macintosh was a show of Apples innovative ideas, progressive design and top quality... Now they are overpriced PCs limited to what Apple feels like giving you.

And don't fool yourself, they had always been personal computers, but once there was sense in releasing them as a different product because of the great integration and exclusive PowerPC hardware. But that's not the case anymore is it? When PCs were about to reach Macs, Apple just gave up and gone Intel chipset, just to sell more units. Where was the INNOVATIONS to keep them ahead?

The only arguable advantages left to a Mac would be performance of some native software and more security, but if you are tech savy enough to demand it chances are you also know how to take that power from a PC (again, it's the same crap hardware wise).
nix  +   1539d ago
he sounds like nintendo-hater-apple-fanboi.

move along. nothing to see here.
OtherWhiteMeat  +   1539d ago
Bet the laughing sounds like this....... http://www.youtube.com/watc...
KeiserSosay4788  +   1539d ago
"The graveyard of any industry is filled with the headstones of companies who decided to keep doing things the same old way; playing only on the margin, making things just a little bit better. That strategy works for a while - but ultimately it's fatal." Exactly right....is it ironic that Apple does EXACTLY this?
Urrakia34  +   1539d ago
Apple does exactly that with the iPod, iPhone, and now the iPad so I'm not sure what the author was thinking when he used that line. Must be an Apple fanboy.
thewhoopimen  +   1539d ago
It's fatal for the gaming industry because it is 'supposedly' the forefront of untested entertainment technology.
NiteX  +   1539d ago
Why would apple give a shit about e3? It's not like they know what games are.
jukins  +   1539d ago
hmm an apple fanboy obviously. is guy really trying to tell us the icloud official announcement was better than all of e3?
voodoopickle  +   1539d ago
its also not really new or innovative. sony has it, microsoft has it comming for the XBox, but also has it with windows. how are they innovating again?
SoapShoes  +   1539d ago
This smells of feces.
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Raven77  +   1539d ago
The Icloud announcement WAS better. I won't be able to see any replies to this because i'll be floating in the cloud where all my worries disappear...


Edit: for those that don't realize it, I'm joking, I hate Apple...
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Urrakia34  +   1539d ago
Your joke sucked. Sorry.
Grodd  +   1539d ago
I like Apple, but give me a break, this guy is a total A$$. The ipad as of now and the next few years down is a causal gaming device with limited interaction. But it simply cannot hold a candle to a true gaming console. It's not even a close replacement to the Sony Vita.
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tunaks1  +   1539d ago
Sounds like someone has been losing too many games of Angry Birds.
boss_killa  +   1539d ago
Apple GTFO!!

Bunch of middlemen who don't create any of their content and severely over charge for their harware.

Sooner or later people will realize what you're up to.
StarWolf  +   1539d ago
apple would release a console and by 2015, it would be on its 4th generation.
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