E3 2011: Peter Molyneux Fable: The Journey Interview [RPG Site]

The visionary designer chats to RPG Site about how Fable: The Journey isn't on rails, how Kinect reminds him of the early 80s and why he's sticking with the Fable series after all these years.

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Sidology2742d ago

Seems like lots of things are using Unreal engine nowadays.

I hope it doesn't fall to the same pitfalls as other titles, because Journey sounds pretty cool.

AP2742d ago

Game looked better than Fable III by a pretty large margin imo, and what's nice is that it doesn't look like a typical Unreal game for whatever reason. Whatever Lionhead have done, you wouldn't have told it's unreal without being told.

Karuto2742d ago

So, we can probably expect a ton of slow pop-in textures and oversaturated environments. Nice.

VampiricDragon2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

fable 1 - 90 game
fable 2 - 80 game
fable 3 - 70 game
fable the journey - 60 game

a horse riding rpg......I thought I saw it all

AP2742d ago

Maybe. Look at the bollocks on them for doing this, though.

Though, I'd disagree - Fable 1 was like a 7, Fable 2 a 9, Fable 3 and 7 again. Up and down.