Nintendo Wii outsold the PS3 last month in the US

Gamasutra: "Nintendo sold 236,000 Wii consoles in the U.S. in May, while the Nintendo 3DS sales were down compared to April, according to data revealed in a Tuesday investor report.

In comparison, NPD Group revealed yesterday that Microsoft sold 270,000 Xbox 360 units in May in the U.S., while the PlayStation 3 sold 175,000 units."

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eagle212653d ago

The Wii should actually outsell the 360 in June (yes, in America) if vgchartz is right. The Wii has been #1 worldwide for over 3 weeks now since the price cut. If people on N4G think the Wii is dying, well look again.

DarkCharizard_2653d ago

Wii will win the holiday again... for the 5th time in a row!

VampiricDragon2653d ago

well whenever zelda/kirby come out they win in the states

and whenever dq X Gets released in japan they win there for the rest of the gen

DarkCharizard_2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

That reminds me... SE is set to release Dragon Quest X in japan sometime this year! Not to mention the 25th anniversary collection is coming...

Peaceful_Jelly2653d ago

Do you really think a game (DQX) with no trailer, screens or evidence of its existence will be release this year?

Simco8762653d ago

I hope your happy looking at sales figures and not playing games.... typical Wii owner....

DarkCharizard_2653d ago

There's a lot of evidence Mr. Jelly, you just have to google it to find out. It hasn't had a big showing yet because it wasn't ready (duh!) but expect big things at this TGS.

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NESpower2653d ago

I saw that as well. But Wii is doing great anyhow with a 30 million+ lead still and easily on it's way to over 100 million+ before Wii U arrives. Zelda will keep sales up this year no doubt.

the_best_player2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Wii fit

gamingdroid2653d ago

I'm actually surprised the Xbox 360 outsold the Wii with a wide margin considering the Wii had a price cut.

Price cuts usually yield the largest sales bump up front which then tapers of.

kingdoms2653d ago

Wii outsold the 360? LOL

_Empath_2653d ago

It's cause of price that is all.

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rickhunter892653d ago

why???? i just dont understand...

negroguy2653d ago

Price probably. Just checked Amazon and you can get a wii bundle with mario kart for only $150 which is half the price of a PS3.

rickhunter892653d ago

yeah but why would someone buy a wii i just dont understand.......

gamingdroid2653d ago

Yes, but PS3 can be had for $300 with a $50 Gift card and if you wait a little, Best Buy will have a PS3 with a $100 Gift card.

Ducky2653d ago

... because it has some fun and unique games? O.o

rickhunter892653d ago

are you serious.......FAIL

tigertron2653d ago

because of its price drop. Its pretty obvious really.

Curtiss2653d ago

So the people that bought a Wii are wrong because their taste differs from yours?

amilio2653d ago

dont put these things on this site

Max_Dissatisfaction2653d ago

lol. Can almost hear you crying when you typed that

amilio2653d ago

yea cuz their are hungry ppl juss waiting lol

Js2Kings2653d ago

Ok, and I should care why?

optimus2653d ago

just last week the wii was selling at sears for $120...I wouldn't be surprised if the wii racks up sales throughout the summer. hell, for that price even i'm tempted to get one now...i wouldn't mind seeing what has become of my metroid since i haven't played any iteration of it since the super nintendo days.

rumplstilts2653d ago

Well their are a lot of first party titles that make the system worth owning, especially since it is so cheap now.

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