Skarlet DLC coming June 21 new DLC fighters dated includes Kenshin,Rain and new character

New Skarlet DLC dated and more characters DLC revealed

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Dart892714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Yes can't wait to get my hands on rain:D.Price??

@Below we also get the cyber ninja free skins.!/MK_Mo...

malandra2714d ago

if it's just one character 5 dollars seems right, there's no way they'll price each one more and expect people to get the four of them

Silly gameAr2714d ago

So far so good with the MK dlc. Just waiting on that price.

Zuhk2714d ago

i would assume 4.99 a character

Silly gameAr2714d ago

A character? Why would you assume that?

[email protected]2714d ago

and thats probably the unlock (100kb file) cost of course! Because every owner of the game need the characters assets to be available to play with buyer of the DLC online isnt?

ivanjp18822714d ago

mmmmmm? still wtf? i want more stage fatalities, new arenas and new fatalities fo current characters. kmon ed boon, u can do better than that. how bout some animalities/???

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