BioShock: Infinite not coming to Wii U

Despite Ken Levine being very open and even "excited" about Nintendos new console Wii U, Irrational Games is not bringing BioShock: Infinite to the Wii U.

Shawn Robertson replied on GamesweltTV to the question, if they're bringing BioShock: Infinite to the Wii U: "Not at the moment with this, no."

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Abash1782d ago

Still might be possible down the line

SYNTAXeRror1782d ago

Unfortunate, but doubtful, no one thought bioshsock would jumpto ps3,

Lyle911782d ago

The Wii U really needs more third party exclusives, not just third party ports.

Theyellowflash301781d ago

The Wii U doesn't really NEED 3rd party exclusives. Nintendo's 1st party games are enough. I think Nintendo needs good 3rd party exclusive content that really enhances the gameplay over the PS3 and 360.