Saints Row: "We took GTA's over the top style and made it our own brand"

@XG247: Speaking with Drew Holmes, a writer on Saints Row the Third, it seems that Saints Row really has become the game that 'the fans' of that genre has always wanted.

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badjournalism2653d ago

Translation: If Zynga made real games, they'd be us.

r1sh122653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

I preferred GTA IV to SR2.

nickjkl2653d ago

im sorry when was gta over the top

jets that can take off vertically already exist
jet packs already exist
tanks already exist

what makes gta is atmosphere that what makes a gta game not being over the top when you hear or read people talking about past gta they talk about music and the atmosphere of that era

not being over the top since over the top is nothing new to gaming at all

captain-obvious2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

no matter how you spin it
saint rows will ALWAYS be under the shadow of GTA

and no matter how you spin it
saint rows its just a GTA rip-off

and that's just the truth

ger1012653d ago

Yeah, it's a rip-off, but both SR games are 10x better than GTA4. You'd be an idiot to think otherwise since GTA4 had (Other than playing pool, drinking and go bowling) fuck-all to do.

If Rockstar wants to make another GTA, they better go back to the game's roots. Not the 'OMG realistic!!!' shite that they tried with 4.

Pintheshadows2653d ago

They improved it massively with the Ballad of Gay Tony.

bauer0072652d ago

you can tell people agree with you mann, considering SR has sold more than GTA right? I LOL AT YOU

r1sh122651d ago

why is it there are still more people playing GTA IV than SR2?
Look at the xbox live stats, gta IV is still in the top 10 most played games, SR2 isnt on the list.

You may not have liked it, but many others did and still do.

ger1012651d ago

@Pintheshadows: I've never played it, but if that's true, then that's awesome.

@bauer007: You've got to learn to troll harder. Nice try, though. I'll give you a 2/10.

@r1sh12: Because SR2 online is crap thanks to the fact that when you pause the game, it pauses for everyone?

Also, there are lots of other people who don't like GTA4, so stop making me out to be the only one.

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SilentNegotiator2653d ago

It's not like they're trying to hide it. They're trying to make the formula better, more fun. I welcome a GTA-style game where "taxi" isn't one of the more prevalent elements.