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The road to destiny is sealed. New powers arising from new responsibilities.
Tested version Playstation 3

Each story has a hero. Every story has an ending.

Final Comment

Sucker Punch has made ​​a worthy inFamous 2 after one of the most interesting of the IP landscape gaming, producing a title that can catalyze the player in his quest by the intriguing story and told very well until the final stages dall'epilogo nothing for granted, by lasts about 16 hours on normal difficulty completing at least 60% of the missions. Thanks to a system of solid play, varied and entertaining, enhanced by the graphics and sound of good workmanship, we can say that free-roaming is one of the best ever made ​​recently. Only one AI opponents and some excellent smear due to a recently adopted anti-aliasing filter, the title can not hit the perfect score. It thus remains an obligatory purchase for all gamers in search of glory or infamy. The choice is yours.

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teedogg802711d ago

A well deserved score. I'm loving this game. Playing as a good guy now. Will go the evil route on my second playthrough.

Tilian2711d ago

Such a great game. Just finished the good campaign. Now for evil...

I'm not big on open-world, comic books or superheroes, but goddamn this game is fantastic.

Redempteur2711d ago

i'm pretty suire the ICE guys have a différent Ai from the regular big ennemies .. but oh well ..