How to play Theme Hospital in full HD right now

We stumble accross a fully working HD mod for theme hospital

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Kran2742d ago

;D I used to love this game as a kid. That and Theme Park World and Sim City 2000 ;D

Convas2742d ago

Ahh man, Sim City 2000. Those were the days. XD

Yi-Long2742d ago

... without any mods. There really was nothing I could do to improve it.

I love Sim City 4, although it's still pretty damn buggy. I'd love to see a Sim City 5 announced though.

jay22742d ago

Yeah I have that :).

AllroundGamer2742d ago

I want to play UFO:Enemy Unknown and Xcom:Terror from the Deep in fullHD :(

Sty2741d ago

OMG Thank you soo much for this news !! Finally can play this on my pc!!!