Microsoft Losing Their Core Kinection

Why Microsoft's E3 press conference should be cause for great concern.

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Burning_Finger2688d ago ShowReplies(2)
Alos882688d ago

Maybe they should spend at least half of their future conferences not talking about Kinect.

theonlylolking2688d ago

They are abandoning the core gamers just like the first xbox. They are just doing it in a different way.

With the first xbox microsoft abandoned the core gamers by not supporting the xbox at all once the 360 released.

With the xbox 360 they are abandoning the core gamers by focusing on the casuals.

RevXM2688d ago

Losing their co... huh thats weird?
I thought core gamers loved lag, assist/auto mechanisms, tacked on shit and on rails showelware adventures.

Kinect is teh futuerz!!!

Sarcasm obviously.^^^

Give me the next gen box that caters towards core gamers again, with a few slick launch titles and maybe Ill forget this stupid crap.

Philoctetes2688d ago

This was obvious after last year's E3 -- not sure why the author of this piece is just noticing it now. Kinect was obviously a commercial success for Microsoft, but it sucks for core gamers.

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