Duke Nukem Forever - Review (XG 24/7)

@XG247: Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software has to be the greatest salesperson in the history of gaming. Not only has he sold us something that we had all written off over ten years ago, but he also managed to get us excited about it. The Duke has returned after a decade of development hell. But the past is the past, the game is here, it’s in my PS3 and it’s real. So has Randy made the sale of the century, or has he sold us a dud?

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Jacobite2622d ago

call that a review or just your own opinion : (

Thrungus2622d ago

That's a review tho, right?

Jacobite2622d ago

its like your asking a question or something rather than giving me points to chew on or I'm just having a Homer Simpson moment lol The Duke OK in my book : P