New Nintendo 3DS Bundles Revealed

Nintendo are set to launch a series of Nintendo 3DS console bundles after the summer, beginning with two of Ubisoft’s big name franchises. Both Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 3DS and the forthcoming Driver Renegade 3D will be included in official bundle packages.

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Mayle2716d ago

Where's my Legend of Zelda 3ds bundle

ozstar2716d ago

"we won't drop the price", he said.

But you're already bundling?

AWBrawler2716d ago

So what if they do bundle? And for all we know, ubisoft begged them to do it to boost their own sales

ozstar2716d ago

Yeah I know, but its pretty suspicious with a brand new game isn't it?

Maybe Driver will be terrible, hoping thats not the case.

I actually predicted a few weeks back that if there were going to be bundles, using SSF4 might have been a much better decision to attract core markets.

AWBrawler2716d ago

farther making it seem like Ubisoft's idea, right?