Duke Nukem Forever better on PS3 and PC?

Are PC and PS3 reviewers more lenient than Xbox 360 reviewers when it comes to reviewing first person shooters? Msxbox-world looks at the details.

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THC CELL2688d ago

its not better on anything the game suck ass

Theonetheonly2688d ago

this person ruined the article with false statements and innuendo.

1 360 most hardened?
2 360 home of the fps?
3 and to poster, Please stop grouping the ps3 and pc like theyre buddies and the 360 is the outsider.

ps3 and 360 are the closest thing to buddies and if anything the pc is the outsider.

this article is jacked

starshaped2688d ago

Thanks for such a well written review...

Ares842688d ago

Because you represent the opinions of every single gamer....

undercovrr2688d ago

No I think that's his opinion, but it sure as hell represents mine as well. The game is dirt

MrDead2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

The slightly higher marks for Duke on the PC and PS3 seem to be because the reviewers have just enjoyed it more, maybe because the PS3 and PC has an older audience that will enjoy the early 90's style of gameplay and humor.

I've played COD, Forza online on the 360 and its a young crowd and I can see the Duke just isn't their thing

The Meerkat2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

That's funny you say that.

When I saw yesterdays news about the xbox sales of DNF in the UK. My first thought was because of the older 360 owners who remembered the old 90's games.

All but one of the people I know in the UK with a PS3 is in their teens.

All of the 360 owners I know in the UK are in their 40's, 30's or late 20's.

MrDead2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Mines the opposite, the only people I know that have a 360 are my nephew and his friends, friends my age 30+ have all got PS3's. I think because they all have HD TVS also has something to do with it, you do get the added bonus of blu-ray

forcefullpower2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Agree with MrDead,

Most people i know with xbox in UK are generally under 25 and they all started to upgrade to PS3. One of the reasons is HD TV's and also dont have to pay for online as they dont get as much time online anymore and dont see the point in paying just to play a few times a year.

Jacobite2688d ago

PS3 owners I know age range from late 20's to 50's at work and friends, few teenagers I know are sons friends.
36o mostly teens (sons friends again) early 20's at work
PC gamers mostly mature lol
Wii Kids and auld farts (motherinlaw lol)

ASSASSYN 36o2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

The average gamer is 37. So I have no idea wtf you are talking about. Gaming is an expensive hobby adults can afford a lot better than teenagers. And all the Sony kids agree the 36o is more expensive. Reference the 50 million console cost charts that riddled for years.


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KillerPwned2688d ago

Seriously?! Someone made this now this site is really just trying to get hits.

ct032688d ago

You can't compare the averages between platforms. Review methodology is too different.
Mass Effect has 91 on 360 and 89 on PC, even though the PC version is better in every way thanks to a large number of gameplay improvements and of course higher-res visuals with no pop-in.

PsycheMax2688d ago

Well, graphics isn't everything.

Comparing the score of Mass effect between computer and console isn't the same: on console there are lots of FPS, less WRpgs . On the computer, we have lots of WRpgs. And Mass Effect, despite the fact it's a beautiful game, isn't a so great RPG, in gameplay mechanics.

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