Battlefield 3 and the physical warfare pack: What's the problem?

"DLC has been a touchy subject for a while. There was a time about ten years ago when downloadable content was seen as a distant future. Now that it's here though (and has been for some time) there has been some severe disillusionment regarding this particular evolution of the gaming industry. Poor pricing strategies, more ammo against second-hand game sales and unfinished game development are just some of the gremlins plaguing the DLC market and its impact on the industry. One such case study of DLC dissatisfaction has arisen with the recently announced physical warfare pack that will be bestowed upon UK residents who pre-order their copies of Battlefield 3 via GAME or Gamestation."

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Trunkz Jr2741d ago

Suck it up and just take the kit off a dead body if you wanna use it...

shayol33t2741d ago

That makes perfect sense: every single respawn, every single game.

MinusTheBear2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Haha wtf, the Alice ad on the page looks like a penis on the left.

ShoryukenII2741d ago

It's hiding but I see it...unfortunately.

FunAndGun2741d ago

..and what is on your mind this morning? :)

chriski3332741d ago

No problem u want it preorder if not shut up

CommonCent2741d ago

The only problem out of the whole DLC "debacle" is all these sites whoring this "information" out for hits..... I mean there will probably be at least 3 more stories posted on N4G today about this DLC issue when in fact there really isn't one.

AstroZombie12741d ago

Because it hasn't been announced for America yet (which it will) and when America doesn't get stuff they get pissy.

Septic2741d ago

Hold on, you're asking what the problem is?

Okay lets take into account the flash suppresor described as "the essential weapon mod for teamplay Recons at the front".

Now correct me if I'm wrong but that seems like a pretty important Sniper mod to me. Bush wookies will love this and its inclusion suggests that flash emitted by your rifles will play a big part in the balancing of Snipers in the game.

For anyone saying just take the kit off the dead body- I'm sorry but not everyone has time to scavenge other kits, especially if you are a sniper. Its all very situational.

I'm against this DLC idea. Its something I would expect Activision to come out with (and EA too) but I can understand DICE's frustration about what appears to be EA's unitaleral decision.

AstroZombie12741d ago

It'll be on other sniper rifles please stop making a mountain out of a molehill.

Septic2741d ago

Ah you sir, are correct. In my haste I did not realise that it was an exclusive mod for the SKS sniper rifle.

I hereby retract my statement and shall enjoy the game. As for the guy below me who claims muzzle flash isn't important; may I suggest you stick to playing Viva Pinata.

MWong2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Besides do you really need a flash suppressor for a sniper rifle, that's not on the front lines? In my short Battlefield experience (BC1 & BC2) I haven't seen many snipers going to the frontline. So it's just to hide long distance snipers.

Type88 LMG ... not an impressive LMG in BC2, so I doubt it will be a M60 (pre-patch edition BC2 players know what I mean).

DAO-12 Shotgun ... this just says you get access to it from the begining, which means you don't have to rank up for it.

Flechette Ammo ... doesn't sound too appealing unless you really need wall penetration.

Nicaragua2741d ago

I dont remember a flash suppressor being terribly important in any other Battlefield game, nor any other game at all for that matter.

I cant think of any time playing an FPS where i have loacted an enemy by seeing the flash from his gun barrel rather than just actually see the entire guy.

ddurand12741d ago

judging by your comments im wondering if you have every played a FPS. muzzle flash is very important.

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