MS: Core gamers never hated Kinect

Microsoft has refuted the idea that core gamers were ever disapproving about Kinect - suggesting instead that they merely wanted the motion device to feature in their favourite games.

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zootang2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I wish MS would focus on making games like Gears, Crackdown, the fables and halo. If kinect is for core gamers I don't want to be a part of that.


I figured that when I read it back to myself. Thank N4g for edit. Do they??

fluffydelusions2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

You will likely break records for number of disagrees for a comment.

EDIT: Way to Stealth edit ^^

For those that didn't catch it he said Core gamers love Kinect and is the future of MS

Yi-Long2717d ago

... I simply don't care about it. At all.

And I don't want to see it featured in my favourite games either, as MS implies here.

I just want 'normal' games you can play with a 'normal' controller. That's it. It's that simple.

I_find_it_funny2717d ago

Yes, Microsoft should definately go back to make games, come up with new joint like Crackdown

darthv722717d ago

even though change is good. It really is a matter of how radical that change is that either is accepted or denied.

Kinect isnt looking to eliminate the need for a controller. MS never said they would abandon controller games when they announced it. Its as if that once it got released it was the end of traditional gaming.

If anything, they are pursuing what others had tried but failed at. Most failures are caused by timing. An idea that would work but the timing is wrong can lead to complete failure. There have been many things like that.

We could look at some technical wonder flops and see that the timing was off for them originally but they would do great now because it fits and people would be more receptive.

I have longed for the home vr setup but cost and quality were serious factors. Now we are at that time when it can be done with very good quality and cost effective as well. So why do we still shun things that we know are there to enhance our experience?

Maybe its an image thing. People at first said the whole dance danced thing and even the guitar hero thing was gimicky. Maybe....but it grew into more of an accepted type of gameplay. Fun and goofy to watch others as they "rock out" or dance their ass off when they cant dance. More importantly...FUN when you do it regardless of what people think.

I am 38 years old and my 13 year old son kicks my ass at the rock band and guitar hero games and I love that. I could only wish I had that interaction with my parents when I was young but.....

I dont hate kinect and for the most part, neither does anyone else. Where the "hate" comes from is the thought of it replacing how we play what we have played the same for decades. Sometimes change needs to be done to keep moving forward otherwise we will be stuck in the past.

Jacobite2717d ago

Core gamers never hated Kinect that because most are not interested DUH lol

mcstorm2717d ago


I think you are spot on with what you have said. A controller can only take a game so far so Kinect adds extra to games just like move or the wii remote.

Alot of hate is not hate but cause by what someone else has. For example every one want a Iphone because they think it is the best device on the market because there mates have it. or Kids was the same trainers because there mate have them.

I am happy to see Nintendo, Sony and MS try something different with there console as it gives us different experiences when playing on each console where if you look at when I was growing up with SNES Mega Drive and Nes Master System they offered the same type of controller and the same experiences in away when playing games.

It is also nice to see they have different views on games and how we play them rather then all looking at giving us the same way of playing game.

malamdra2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

no one hates Kinect

most core gamers don't care about it, I have absolutely no interest in it and I wouldn't take it even if they gave it to me for free, also every single thing they showed at E3 that feature it could be done better with a regular controller (or with the headset)

I would prefer for MS to focus the resources on something that I might care about, and for that I have a certain animosity towards it but I don't hate it, I'm just indiferent

and if it's a future of MS then I will not be a part of it and probably won't buy their next console

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sikbeta2717d ago

Well, reading the comments here, I have to say they're right, because there is a big difference between hating something and don't care about something :P

ChrisGTR12717d ago

MS blows now, ive had a 360 since day 1 and feel abandoned by ms in terms of exclusive software. all we get is halo games.

EVILDEAD3602717d ago

Read article for real quote..

The whole 'core' argument is simply Internet ducktales created ONLY as a way to smear Kinect in this console war generation.

The 360 'CORE' gamer bought Kinect in droves and on top of that Kinect anwered the call to expand the 360 beyond the hardcore demographic.

Before Kinect launched, the internet fan blogspere and Kinect haters flooded the net in hopes of convincing the world (amongst other negative things)that no 'core' 360 gamer would buy Kinect and No Wii gamer was going to buy a 360 to play Kinect. The thought was there was NO audience for it and it was doomed on arrival.

The truth is the internet hatersphere never represents the real world.

The reality is games can NEVER be boxed into one preference of gaming.

What I found completely hilarious, is not only did the hardcore 360 gamers buy Kinect amongst 'the casuals' it's the guys on my playlists who spend hours and hours ranking up in Halo or prestiging at leat 3 times per Call of Duty that were on Dance Central regularly.

The true fact about the internet hate is if you look close, it's not the 360 gamer that bashes Kinect in every article or's the NON-360 gamer carrying on the standard console war bidding.

The truth is the core '360' gamer are the gamers who made franchises like Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Fable, and Forza the successes they are on the system.

People who said Microsft left the core gamer behind when it launched Kinect. But less than 1 year later, you see Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Fable, and Forza ALL still on the E3 stage.

Not everyone is going to like Kinect or motion control gaming period, which is why Kinect is optional. For the 10 million that purchasedKinect is great that Micrsoft as well as 3rd party has been committed to supporting the device.



Why o why2717d ago

it's not the 360 gamer that bashes Kinect in every article or's the NON-360 gamer carrying on the standard console war bidding

dude, look at the comment directly above yours from a true 360 loving n4g member from waaaay back. Of course there will be some non 360 gamers gassin but what about those who are genuinely pissed. Deflecting to the people who you THINK dont own a or are 360/360 gamers is still silly. They feel left out....they aint listening to you blaming the non 360 dudes because some of them are actually saying something they agree with despite the 'console war'..just saying

EVILDEAD3602717d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Deflecting to the people who you THINK dont own a or are 360/360 gamers is still silly

LMAO @ deflecting to the people who you THINK arent 360 gamers

Are you new to internet forums? 99% of the bashing comes from people who BRAG about not owning a 360.

You CLEARLY haven't been on for the last year year and a half. You Clearly havent seen the 100 fan blog articles from non-360 gamers in pure Kinect smear mode..and if you were then your in pure denial.

See the true core 360 gamers PLAY games..that's why they are the 'core'. And guess what Kinect isn't for everyone, but if they arent interested you won't see them on wasting every discussion bubble complaining about Kinect. Don't believe me search Past Kinect articles and do your own investigation.

I'll gived you a prime example..the very first comment by zootand reads:

'I wish MS would focus on making games like Gears, Crackdown, the fables and halo. If kinect is for core gamers I don't want to be a part of that'

Does this guy even have a 360? And if he REALLY was concerned about those games then he would have played Halo Reach, Crackdown 2, and Fable 3 last year.

If he was a true 'core' gamer he would have known that Gears of War 3, Halo Anniversary are coming this year and Halo 4 next holiday.

So my statement holds true kinect isn't for everyone, but the proof is in the pudding. Tsunoda is dead on when he says that there isn't some crazy hardcore backlash against Kinect..because millions of em own on.

This gen the more hate Micrsoft gets from the 'usual' suspects means that they are on the right track.

The fact is Kinect is don't have to buy it..just like you Wii owners didn't have to buy Wiimote Plus or WiiFit, and Sony owners didn't have to buy Move.


The_Ultimate_Guy2716d ago


You are absolutely right.

I am a CORE gamer. I followed every E3 since the 360, PS3 and Wii released. I have been gaming since Intellivision 2 and Commador 64 days.

A CORE gamer plays games and is open to playing games that will give different experiences. Not bash and hate on companies because they are trying to bring new and interesting ways to experience gaming. Would Sony have introduced the MOVE if the Wii was just another console with typical controls? Of course not.

A REAL core gamer PLAYS GAMES and is a hell of a lot more open minded to experiencing different ways to play games. It may not be for everyone, but those that spread the hate that I read on here, are those that don't even have it and have some kind of bias agenda in favor for the competition.

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gamingdroid2717d ago

At the midnight launch for Kinect, there were mostly core gamers there.

I'm a core gamer and I embrace Kinect. I recognize that like a PS2, not all the games on the platform is for me, but as a REAL gamer I want to experience new things. Otherwise, in 10 years we will be using a controller that has as many buttons as the Keyboard!

Why do people resist change so much?

Corrwin2717d ago

I'd say Core gamers are the first to get a technology, and the first to abandon it once they realize it's nothing but broken promises:

1) Company announces tech
2) We believe the hype, and imagine the possibilities
3) Tech is released, we buy it, play launch titles to death
4) Next year: "Core games are coming!", uh, ok.
5) Next year after that: "We never abandoned core gamers!", uh, what?!
6) New company.... go to 1.

kingdavid2717d ago

1. Its laggy.

2. Its idea of motion isnt consistent with my idea of hardcore games.

As an alternative way of playing games, fine. Sony implemented that well with the move.

But to make a tonne of exclusive games which sacrifice the controller and only use kinect is not what im looking for. I sure as hell dont use a joystick for every game I play on pc.

FlashXIII2717d ago

I'll embrace it when they show me something to legitimately get excited about. The supposed "core games" at E3 looked terrible.. even the Fable creator was left red faced after the Fable showing. That Ryse game or whatever it's called has potential as does the star wars game.

Still despite all this if they want core gamers to embrace Kinect they need to ditch the whole "you are the controller" crap. Gamers want freedom to move their characters not onrails and as far as I can tell currently, it isn't feasible for kinect titles to allow such a basic thing as freedom of movement.

AceofStaves2717d ago

I'm not resistant to change. My issue is that I can't use Kinect. I can't stand up without crutches, and I also use a wheelchair, so there's no way I can kick to make a character kick, etc.

As a gaming controller, Kinect is useless to me. I'm a REAL gamer, but I can't ignore my physical limitations either.

gamingdroid2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I expected a lot of disagrees, because the vast majority have played controller based games their entire life and it doesn't surprise me that they resist change at all as it is a threat to what they currently enjoy.

In your case, I completely understand why you wouldn't enjoy it and I'm sorry to hear you are on crutches.

On the flip side, Kinect have enable some that don't have fingers (or other impairments) that a controller would exclude them from playing, but is now able to play. If you are able to use your hands fully, I'm sure there will be games that you can play on Kinect using only your hands or the added benefit of accurate voice recognition.

That said, I don't see this is a threat at all. Games are coming that are purely controller based, hybrid (that are optional) and controller less. People resisted digital downloads for a long time as well (I admittedly did!).

I rest my case as I'm afraid I'm the minority here and people are set in their ways.

For what it is, enjoy whatever games you like.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2717d ago

Of course you would embrace it. Of course you wouldn't care if Microsoft ruins hardcore gaming on their console.

Why o why2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )


why wouldnt people be resistant to a device being pushed on them that cant play 90% of the games people currently play to an adequate level. Most of kinect at the moment are on rails. Think of the genres that kinect cant play.

racing, not great, Fighting, nope; Sports (free roaming), nope; rpgs, not really; arcade action, uh uh; puzzle, maybe; dance, definitely, Shooters, dont be silly; simulation, no way; platform, sorry

Basically almost every genre here has to be dumbed down to be played with kinect alone. Kinect integration is something CAN add to games but this is no way near as close to an alternative as ps move or even the wii controller. Prof....just look at the games out and pending. Its just not precise enough nor does it have enough separate inputs ie BUTTONS

SuicidalTendencies2717d ago


You're full of crap. It's has nothing to do with resisting change. Gamers can tell when new tech is useless and just a gimmick. They did it with the powerglove, superscope, VirtualBoy, etc. Get off your high horse.

DigitalRaptor2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )


I share the sentiments of others who have countered your point. It just seems that Microsoft is too focused on a control scheme that doesn't really benefit the core gamer at all. You can't do something as simple as move your character around smoothly - that is something that we take for granted because it is so common in games.

And it's not people resisting change. It's people resisting gimmicks. Why do I say this? Because it's not even much change at all:

Sega Activator: You are the controller - that thing came and went and people realised it was a gimmick. They knew what worked better.

PlayStation Eye(toy): Same thing - the games were gimmicky, so was the tech and people didn't connect to it because they knew all of this.

Kinect: Yes... of course it does more, and Microsoft have done the marketing right, but the only change is that it's more advanced - but it still has the same limitations and the general public are still just as gullible.

Why can't people just let a bad idea die?

gta28002717d ago

Kinect=games on rails. That's a change I don't want.

gamingdroid2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

There is no point in me trying to convince people set in their ways that have formed an opinion prior to the actual product getting it's chance with software designed for it. We certainly won't see the full potential for a few more years.

I think the adoption is there and the technology is at the cusp of acceptable performance to do interesting things.

That said, I feel the need to reply to this:

"Yes... of course it does more, and Microsoft have done the marketing right, but the only change is that it's more advanced"

The current controller is "just" more advanced then the original NES pad that had two face buttons and a d-pad. The evolution was pretty slow, yet the dramatic difference in experiences we can get is immense. Imagine playing a FPS on the old NES controller?

Rumble was considered a gimmick when Nintendo released it for the N64, but within one generation it became the standard.

Personally, I think all of this technology can co-exist. Besides, why limit yourself?

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r1sh122717d ago

I find kinect, Wii and PS move pointless.
I like using a controller.

As a core gamer I dont have kinect, but it has no relevance to me. I want good games with my controller

Lyr1c2717d ago

The Wii and PS Move both DO use controllers.

Just thought I'd point that one out.

r1sh122717d ago

I do use standard controllers on my 360 and ps3, I didnt buy a Wii.
I dont need to swing my arms around

CoLD FiRE2716d ago

If you didn't mention the Move in your comment you'd have gotten a lot of agrees :\

TBM2717d ago

Core gamers never hated kinect? Really MS? Well let me be the first to tell ya core gamer here, and I wouldn't kinect that piece of crap to my 360 elite as I don't support shovelware.

Ult iMate2717d ago

Core gamers could have a helluva exclusive games for the money MS spend on promoting Kinect. But MS decided that core gamers love Kinect, so we should love Skittles now and hug with Peter Pan. Yay!

kingdoms2717d ago Show
King_many_layers2717d ago

Simply because people do not own a system you're claiming that they're fanboys.

The kinect in my opinion is interesting in terms of it's interface interactivity and such, however as a games controller I cannot see how a person can truly defend it.
It could become brilliant, but not without the input of another control source.

How can I aim a weapon or item with precision ??
How can I move a character around, whilst doing so ??

Please give a viable answer and I'll give you credit.

SlyFoxC2717d ago

@Ult iMate

Taste The Rainbow!

TBM2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )


First off how the hell can I be a sony fanboy(even though I might play it more) when I own all 3 consoles. Fanboys don't buy multiple consoles if they hate the other systems.

Second why would I care what kinect has done for 360, all I know is that its shovelware and I don't support shovelware?

Third I know you didn't just say the 360 has plenty of core games to compete against 3rd party games? Im sorry but 2 exclusives (gears is the only one im looking forward too) is not enough in my book. While plenty of exclusives have already released on PS3 so far this year with 3-4 more releasing later this year. I suggest you think before formulating your comments because you make 360 only owners look really, really bad.

Oh incase you don't believe I own a 360 just look up Zero Cool 108, it will say im a silver member. And next time don't go ASSUMING anything you only make an a$$ out of yourself.

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TheDareDevil2717d ago

MS should get out new IP's.
Where's the next PGR or crackdown 3 or Alan Wake 2?
As of now there's only Halo 4 for 2012. There definitely won't be a new Gears/Forza.
Exclusive DLC doesn't matter to me, we NEED more exclusives.

SlyFoxC2717d ago

i want a new PGR i loved those games

but im pretty sure that microsoft closed bizzare creations funding for PGR...

im 99% sure that i read that there wont be PGR takes away from Forza sales or something like that

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showtimefolks2717d ago

ms for first 4 years was all core gamers platform and they said that over and over at every e3 now what has happend is kniect is selling well they see a new market and kind of pushing their core gamers towards the back

WombBat2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

HOLY CRAP! MS fire this retard. He doesnt know what the hell he is talking about.

jeez i cant stand this guy, cut your ugly A** mullet and take off those stupid shades.

They need to realize that anything Kinect related isnt frickin HXC

SlyFoxC2717d ago

everytime i see a picture of him the only thing that goes through my mind is...


ABizzel12717d ago

They do, that's all they ever make. MS needs to focus on making new IP's.

kingdoms2717d ago ShowReplies(1)
A7XEric2717d ago

You'll probably get your wish since those seem to be the only first party games they make anymore other than Kinect stuff. I just wish they would do some new IP.

chriski3332717d ago

Who's this cool guy on the pic wish I was that cool

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Cardenjs2717d ago

Sounds like the exact opposite of everyone I know with an Xbox, did he not hear the backlash about "everything has kinect now"?

kneon2717d ago

There wouldn't be an issue adding Kinect to games provided that it improves the game. Forcing it in where it doesn't belong just pisses off the core gamers and makes Kinect look bad.

That goes for Move as well. Neither are well suited to every type of game. They shouldn't be using these technologies just because they can, it has to make the game better, otherwise leave it out.

xYLeinen2717d ago

Don't think they necessarily hate Kinect.

They hate Microsoft because they are slowly backing out of their promise that Xbox 360 is a console for core gamers with core games. I'm not saying they still don't got a few core games etc. but they are backtracking from the promise they gave to every gamer who bough the 360.

Remember Microsoft. We "the gamers" are those who got you were you are today with the 360. This is basically a facepalm for us.

theonlylolking2717d ago

M$ also said that they would support the 360 and not abandon it like the xbox.

I dont think anyone knew that M$ was going to abandon core gamers and keep the 360 going by casual games.

To core gamers they are basically doing the same thing as the first xbox.

Why o why2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

you sure about that mate??!

Kinect integration of everything isnt the problem. The fact that there was less core games shown and announced than kinect games IS. Treat each segment with parity and there wouldn't be so much angst from some factions. Kinect is now MS's MAIN squeeze. Some will deny it but whatever....its there for all to see

NYC_Gamer2717d ago

never hated the device just not in to motion gaming