RavenThorne XBLIG Trailer Now Available

The upcoming Xbox Indie action-RPG platformer mashup "RavenThorne" is in development from the prestigious independent XNA team Milkstone Games.

RavenThorne is impressive on many levels, it's action-packed hack and slash combat being quite close to other Xbox Indies and even some Xbox Arcade titles like Ska Studio's Dishwasher series.

Set in a Nordic medieval era, RavenThorne combines RPG elements along with traditional side-scrolling platformer aspects to deliver an original and unforgettable Xbox Indie gaming experience.

RavenThorne is coming soon to the XBLIG marketplace and is also a contestant in the Dream.Build.Play Indie competition.

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Agent_S2736d ago

Wow way to go indie developer. I hope that this game does well on XBLIG and gets a full fledged Arcade release.

Agent_S2736d ago

Also indie games need achievements.

JellyJelly2736d ago

Looks really good for an indie game. Will check it out.