Best Buy offering $100 Gift Card with purchase of a Playstation 3

XMNR: Best Buy has put out a limited time deal just in time for Father's Day as it is offering a big gift card with the purchase of a 160GB Playstation 3.

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DrFUD2688d ago

Would be nice to be able to pick a PS3 system with a different color.
At this price I would have bought a silver one, or a blue one.

Zynga2688d ago

Yeah I wish they'd make more like the gears of war 3 limited edition console that's coming.

skyblue142132688d ago

It would be nice if they would allow you to apply that discount to the ps3 upon purchasing the console.

harrisk9542688d ago

Yeah it would... but, $100 gift card is a GREAT deal... you still need an extra controller and you can get a game... or a Move bundle.

Darth Stewie2688d ago

or get a game/controller bundle like these.

skyblue142132687d ago

I have a ps3 already so I have plenty of stuff for it, and besides it would be better if they just applied the discount so that you can spend the money that you saved anywhere you want. Still though that is a pretty good incentive to buy a ps3 regardless if it is in the form of a gift card. I have been looking for a second ps3, sadly I don't have the money atm.

metsgaming2688d ago

Gamescom price drop? It would be right before the heavy hitters comes out it would be a good idea. I doesnt need it though the sales are going up anyway.