THQ: Homefront Franchise Will Continue

Gamasutra: "Despite closing down Homefront developer Kaos Studios this week, THQ has confirmed that the shooter will see a follow-up with some "really interesting announcements" in the future."

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Jack-Dangerously2739d ago

I'm pretty sure I've already heard about this elsewhere.

Cool though, for the fans of Homefront.

NukaCola2739d ago

cool. Giving games a second run is good. HF isn't bad at all. I hope Singularity would get a sequel.

Quagmire2739d ago

Holy shit, THIS!

I havent played Singularity, however I have played Wolverine and Wolfenstein, and thats proof enough Raven Software NOW how to make FUN games.

Too bad they're owned by Activision and being forced to work on COD

2739d ago
mcstorm2739d ago

Glad they are doing a new one I think THQ could make this a big name. The MP is fun they just need to work on the SP and they could have very good name in Homefront.

Psychotica2739d ago

That's good to hear, the game needs improvment but has real potential to be great.

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