Modern Warfare 3: Two perks that won't be on final list

Product-Reviews writes: Although Infinity Ward are remaining very quiet on the multiplayer portion of upcoming title Modern Warfare 3, the developer has revealed two perks that definitely ‘won’t be featured in the upcoming shooter.

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tr00p3r2661d ago

Good choices by Infinity Ward.. Can you stab people from 5 meters away in real life? No I didn't think so..

Spitfire_Riggz2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

But I mean applying that logic a lot of the perks shouldnt be on there. Cold blooded? Sit-rep (see claymores behind walls)

The fast reload one (see video below lol, fast hands)

BlitzAK2660d ago

I already see that your the type of player who has stopping power on all classes because you cant kill for shit.

mrv3212660d ago

IF EVERYONE uses stopping power it is NOT imbalanced, everyone used stopping power except for the UAV jammer guys.

nintenflo2659d ago

I actually like one man army except I think u should be
penalised more for using it ( losing a secondary is not enough )
Maybe you could lose a perk also and maybe a tactical granade aswell, that should even the battlefield!

Good choice on commando though as that really sucked!