Activision on CoD Elite: Gaming has never embraced the broad community before

Activision’s Jamie Berger has been talking about the company’s aims with Call of Duty Elite, the online service set to launch alongside Modern Warfare 3 in November – and he’s been using the analogy of golf to do so.

The thing about golf, he says, is that anyone can join in. With gaming, until now, that hasn’t been the case.

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Trunkz Jr2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Soooo he says Elite is like a country club, but country clubs cost monthly.... Why would I wanna golf at that club when i can go to EA's golf club for free of charge and just pay my 9/18 holes.

It doesn't matter WHAT Elite will offer that will be monthly, NO FPS should EVER have ANY monthly fee, it's a FPS for crying out loud not MMO.

AntoineDcoolette2656d ago

What if it was an MMOFPS with RPG elements and a huge open living evolving world like Everquest or WoW?

jrbeerman112657d ago

sooo never did anything that Elite is promising?

Grimhammer002657d ago

Kinda bad analogy don'tcha think?
Everything he said, I could do in kz2 or resistance 2....all that's required is rooms rather than matchmaking. Limit the rooms to level restrictions. Done.

Now pay me my sub fee? Lol

Grimhammer002657d ago

Just remember this is a Trojan horse fellow that will destroy our gaming future.


As COD became the defacto beast in revenue in the gaming industry; shareholders took notice and influenced Actibitch into it's current greed. From a dev pov it's not at all a good idea to introduce a sub service to fanbase that has never had to consider a sub service before.

So where does that leave us now? At some point after the initial plateau of the sub service, Actibitch will further their greed in part by shareholders who can't see they are forcing an early death on COD. This will certainly come in exclusive content for elite sub holders. New guns & maps, perks, skins etc. Some of this will segregate further the fanbase as not everyone will have all maps....nothing new here. But guns? Yep. You gotta give something to entice subs!

Such a huge step on gamers faces....but what are we going to do?


blacktiger2657d ago

i have no idea wtf he just said,

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