Gears 3 "over-powered" gun complaints down to "personal perspective" - Epic

OXM UK: "Gears of War 3 executive producer Rod Fergusson has attributed fan upset at "over-powered" weapons to "personal perspective", revealing that every gun in the game has been accused of balancing issues at one time or another."

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qface642595d ago

see this just leads me to believe they wont bother to fix some of the things everyone kept telling me they would

i don't care what you say the sawed off shot gun was a joke

thrasherv32595d ago

Two words: Retro. Lancer.

EYEamNUMBER12595d ago

pfft have you seen the recoil on that thing?

dirigiblebill2595d ago

The recoil doesn't matter much when you catch people at mid-range, and it's so bloody powerful you don't need to make every shot count.

gamingdroid2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

There is ways to deal with the Retro Lancer even if it is overpowered.

You can't do sh!t with a guy running up to you and just blind firing their sawed off. I'm all for introducing new players, but every gun needs a counter. The retro has a counter and so does the gnasher. The sawed off really doesn't....

That said, the game is still fantastic. Day one purchase even if they leave the game as is.

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theonlylolking2595d ago

Sawed off shotgun and retro lancer were the two best guns in the beta.

Cliffy said in an interview with Gametrailers that when they checked the stats. People were getting killed more often with the gnasher than people killing with the sawed off. He said that it is probably just people not used to people dominating and only using one weapon.

carlosjrix2595d ago

sawed off shotgun is not as powerful as some people say, just keep your distance.. gnasher is superior in the right hands.. btw, i hate sawed off shotgun..

VictoriousB132594d ago

It's only a joke if you're stupid enough to get close to one...

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dirigiblebill2595d ago

Is there an option to restrict which weapons are available in a match? 'Cos that would probably help.

LightofDarkness2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

P2P = little to no customization of matches. Match options are handled by the developers' own servers who create lobbies based on standard templates, users have no control over customization.

This is why PC gamers are so defensive of the now-dying dedicated server idea. With deds, users can setup their own servers and host matches as they please, mods and all.

shayol33t2595d ago

"now-dying dedicated server idea." Wut? It's only a few willfully retarded games (mw2) that choose to not incorporate it.

The Meerkat2595d ago

I thought they were all ok.

Except for the burrowing bomb thing. THAT was OP

LoaMcLoa2594d ago

No sawed-off
No Retro lancer
No XP and medals popping out on the screen

Fixed game