Gamespot: Alice Madness Review

Looking back on time spent with Alice: Madness Returns is like remembering a vacation from your childhood: you remember where you went, but not what you did. Yet Alice's broken psyche is so tortured, her waking nightmare so vivid, that you're tempted to push forward to see what deliciously morbid sights yet await.

+Beautifully dark and creepy version of Wonderland
+Smooth, graceful controls
+Unusual weapons make for fun combat
+Good length (up to 22 hours worth)
+Lots of hidden objects and areas to locate.

-Gameplay doesn't evolve leading to tedium
-Puzzles and other attempts to vary the pace are rarely fun ----Audiovisual glitches can distract.

Overall Rating-GOOD

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Pollak2713d ago

It's such a shame this game is being completely overlooked due to Duke Nukem. This is way more deserving of a $60 purchase.