More Wii U Online Details Revealed – Supports Friends List, Achievements, Online Match Scheduling

Considering Nintendo themselves are being pretty tight-lipped about the Wii U’s online capabilities, it would seem Ubisoft are revealing more than they really should about the console. Not only did they reveal that the console would drop friend codes, but now they’re revealing more information regarding the Wii U’s online, which include friend lists, achievements and more.

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baxy-z2715d ago

If this is true, then we're in for a treat!

iamnsuperman2715d ago

I wonder what they will call the acheivements. I assune if they call it achievements the Microsoft could sue (similar to the apple app store thing).

Apex132715d ago

you cant sue for a common word like achievements, App store is actual property and a TM name fr it which is why Apple would be able to.

Muletroid2715d ago

i heard apple tried to trade mark the letter i i seriously heard that somewhere

Theyellowflash302715d ago

I think thats just a temporary name. Nintendo will think of something different probably play coins.

DeadlyFire2714d ago

I say Mushrooms or Star points. Nintendo is oddball you know. Calling it something so simple as Achievements is kinda strange concept. It just doesn't fit if you ask me.

newn4gguy2715d ago

I like the idea of getting notifications on the controller. Will the console have to be on to get these?

I'm wondering what Nintendo will do to set themselves apart from MS and Sony.

2715d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.