This is the Disorienting, Possibly Exciting Gravity For Vita Being Played By Shaky Hands

Kotaku: One of the more original PlayStation Vita efforts is Gravity, a game from Sony's Japanese developers, specifically some of the people behind the Siren horror games. It's exciting, in that it's not another PlayStation sequel and that it has stylish, comic book-like beauty.

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zinkabass2737d ago

I love Vita,.. And this is apparently launch title ,.. day 1 day1

Ddouble2737d ago

Hopefully day 1. Caught my eye as soon as i saw it.

miyamoto2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Kitten had me when I saw her doing a back flip from the side of a heli-chopper!

She is like the Japanese counter part of Cole MacGrath to me.
Open world, comic book style graphics, standing on cars lifted up in the air, lots of awesomeness!

Its a Sony Japan first party developed game by Team Siren so I am excited by the quality.

MasterCornholio2737d ago

Im going to enter game dressed as a cave man and say