Kotaku - These Were the Most Thrilling Moments of Mass Effect 3’s E3 2011 Presentation

Kotaku - If you like Mass Effect for its blockbuster bits—the explosions, the futuristic set pieces involving giant alien machines, the narrow escapes—this trailer is for you. It represents the Mass Effect 3 moments that might draw in the people who don't play role-playing games.

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mananimal2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

As Bioware has sold out to EA and Hollywood, so goes their sterling reputation as a gamer friendly developer. I expect ME3 to be the most sold out hollywood video game in the series. Gay and Lesbian options AND NOW KINECT SUPPORT?, not that i didnt see this coming when EA bought them out, nor do i really care since it just a game,but i'm not compelled to sacrifice what I stand for, nor do i NEED TO finish this series, lol....Ive already moved on EA/Bioware, maybe some day I'll see you in the used videogame bin ME3, under $20bucks, but that really depends on how much YOU SCREW this games ending up Bioware, and I already know on some levels , you will. R.I.P Bioware