Alice: Madness Returns - Eurogamer Review

EG: "If you are in love with the look and theme of this game, it is in no way inconceivable that you could happily go frolicking and slashing your way through it in a relaxed, mindless kind of way. Everybody else should look elsewhere for their moody thrills."

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TheLastGuardian20102739d ago

Lovely score, can't wait.

The reviewer said he hated the first. Hmmm. Nice goin' eurogamer. Get a guy who hated the first game to review the 2nd game, which is basically the same as the first. nice.

ZombieAssassin2738d ago

Yep that's "professional" game journalism for you.

led10902738d ago

what the hell is with games this year getting such low scores

TheLastGuardian20102738d ago

Who the hell cares. Play the games, and be your OWN reviewer, with your OWN score.

The games good. Reviewers can't review for shit unless if it's some AAA blockbuster fps with more epic set scenes than in Battle LA.

Jack-Dangerously2738d ago

You sound a little jaded man.

Though I agree that some people put TOO much into a particular review. If the game's good why do you need to defend it?

Food for thought. Not being hateful or spiteful.

TBM2738d ago

Too true, too many people are letting others decide for them what games to buy and play instead of being their own judge.

As for me im getting the ps3 version because it comes with the first game which I heard great things about, but never got a chance to play. Now I get my chance.

PSjesus2738d ago

The first one was one of my favorite PC games in 2000 and
i'll get this who cares about reviews any more,only COD title deserve their praise

TheLastGuardian20102738d ago


Why? Well here's why. It's the fact that everyone will look at the review score and notice a 5/10, or a 6/10, and think "bah, this games garbage." JUST BASED ON THE SCORE. It pisses me off because people have become WAY to dependent on review scores, and have forgotten how to be there own reviewers.

So in this instance someone might think Alice 2 is a garbage game just because of the reviews (which from reading the various reviews isn't the case at all), and might now want to experience the game because of that.