PS3vault: Starhawk E3 2011 Hands-On Impressions

Back in 2007, Warhawk was the first full retail game available for download on the PSN and provided many of the early PS3 adopters with hours upon hours of fun. The huge maps, deep gameplay, and steep learning curve provided a truly enjoyable online experience that is still active to this day. Rumors of a successor by the name of Starhawk have been circulating for a long time, so it was a pleasant but not shocking surprise when the game was finally announced. At E3 2011, we finally get some hands on time with a multiplayer map by the name of “Acid Sea”, which is of course a large island that is surrounded on all sides by a deadly green liquid, and have the chance to test out what could be one of next years biggest games. Read on to see what we thought of Starhawk.

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frostypants2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

So this guy complains about players having to earn a Starhawk in battle, instead of simply being able to take one, and also complains about sniper positions being given away. Sounds like a complete dweeb (wants uber-weapons easily, and wants to camp). I hope they keep those features.

Dark_king2738d ago

Well the sniper shouldn't have a laser on it,just seems a bit stupid.Would make a sniper a easy to find target especially from the air.
Now the starhawk requires points to drop not to use.I am sure I heard there would be main bases they should have some hawks.It could get a bit unbalanced if not imagine joining a game against some pros.You would need 9 points to drop the hawk then the second it drops they destroy the building.So you need another 9 points to drop another.They destroy it to while that goes on they keep building more getting more players in the air and your pinned at your home base.
Now call him what you want but hes right.An did you ever play warhawk because camping is not a issue.People can camp all day long but they won't score to well.Also the hawks are not "uber-weapons" they are the best armed vehicle but can easily be taken out by a jeep or tank.Should be even easier now that they are also mechs.The game should end up being as perfectly balanced as Warhawk though.

clarick012738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I might have come off a bit harsh, but what I was really trying to say is that they need to work on balancing these things out. All too often a person would earn enough points for a Starhawk, get in one, and then immediately be slaughtered, all that effort for nothing. Obviously this is because we were all just getting our hands on the game for the first time and didn't know what we were doing, but then again I suppose that's the whole point of writing an initial hands on impression. I'm not offering up any solutions, just saying what it was like playing the game.

Dark_king2738d ago

Did not seem to harsh to me.The game has alot going on and balance is what will make or brake the game.Balance is extremely important take Warhawk your soldier can take Warhawk's out with a machine gun and a grenade.Or two rockets,three rounds from a sniper rifle and everything but the pistol damages the hawks.While the hawk can take out the soldier with everything but the chaff.Its that balance that makes it fun to play.

xyxzor2738d ago

I would say that's a bit of an issue. Of course you should have to earn them, however they still need to find the right balance. I think that was more of the authors point.